The founders of the elegant Parisian brand Iroisie, Anne Bontour and Jean-François Cabos, have always been convinced about the effectiveness of oceanic ingredients. As seaweeds live in such challenging environments, capable of fighting against cold, draught, UV radiation, and the lack of oxygen, they hold within their wisdom and power a rich source for nutrients and minerals for our skin as well. Not only do they contain a myriad of minerals but they also help our skin keep its moisture in balance.

The beautiful and sympathetic face of the series, Anne Bontour, has had a long career as a supermodel. Along the way she has personally experienced what happens when the skin becomes too sensitive for synthetic cosmetics and starts reacting even to the slightest irritants. That’s exactly why Anne wanted to create a product line that is developed particularly to sensitive skin without cutting down on quality.

To ensure the best quality and efficiency, Iroisie is an eco certified product line that stands by organic ingredients. Iroisie represents its French, classical, luxurious, and sophisticated skincare brand all the way up to its package designs. Hidden under the beautiful packaging are the refined, fresh and pleasurable compositions and elegant scents.

Every Iroisia product includes seaweed extract and seawater from Iroise (mer d’Iroise), a sea close to Bretagne, which is one of the worlds richest, purest and diverse seas protected by UNESCO. Today the carefully refined compositions are a delight to quality cosmetics driven women around the world. Just two months after its launch in Finland, Iroisie’s Soin Parfait BB cream was chosen by Trendi Magazine as the best BB cream of 2013.

The high quality of Iroisie is recognised also in demanding environments—it’s Jolie’s choice but it’s also the choice of the famous Ritz hotel.